Scorpion Tattoo Designs

A scorpion tattoo may be partial, complete, realistic or may have spiritual relations.
Zodiac tattoos are one of the most popular styles of tattoos, so it stands to reason that the Scorpion tattoo and Scorpio tattoos in particular are so popular.

Scorpio is a water sign that is given to people born between October 24 and November 22.
Those born under the sign of Scorpio are said to have the following qualities: Willfulness , High emotions and sensitivities , imagination and intuitiveness , sensuality , a big sexual appetite, loyalty and devotion, dignity, controlling and even manipulative , perseverance , self-confidence.

Besides realistic scorpion tattoos there's also a wide variety of scorpion tribal tattoos.

The tribal Scorpio tattoos are believed to keep off evil spirits as well as stings of a scorpion. One of the lesser known meanings of a Scorpio tattoo is the symbol of supreme maternal sacrifice.
A Scorpio tattoo also symbolizes victory of the supreme over the evil or over the dark.
Scorpio tattoos are also made in several forms, like the one with its tail coiled, or the other with its its tail as sharp as a needle. Scorpio tattoo designs can also be made by combining other designs like flames, initials of one's name, etc. to personalize it.
An tribal scorpion tattoo had the function of an amulet, protecting against: the sting of scorpions and evil spirts.

Tribal scorpion tattoos are represented by curvy lines or sharp points. An interesting feature of theirs is that they are able to represent the scorpion spiritually but refrain from arousing any fear that people normally associate with them.

While choosing a scorpion tattoo, think about the options which are available. Traditional colors are red and black, which help to create the power within the tattoo but other types of tattoos include the use of only black or dark inks which are used to create tribal scorpion tattoos, another popular genre of the type of tattoo that includes scorpion tattoo designs. Although colored scorpion tattoos look god as well; as it gives the design a softer more feminine feel and look.

Tribal tattoos are known for their aggressive patterns and dark colors. Black is the most common color used for tribal tattoos. Anyway, when you select one, think and check out the colors.
There are no rules to the design pattern when it comes to tribal tattoos and hence, zodiac tattoo carved in tribal design pattern, looks quite attractive.

Women who prefer having a Scorpio design tattooed would most commonly have it done on their ankles or on their belly button area, which send out a message that they are tough but they do posses a softer and more feminine side.
Anyway, scorpion tribal tattoos can look fantastic on any part of your body. They can be used for adorning your neck, legs, ankles, chest, wrist, back, arm and so on.
A small scorpion tribal tattoo for women look good in areas like neck or wrist. Tribal arm tattoos for women look wonderful as they look like tribal arm bands. To give a feminine touch to those tattoos make sure the design should be kept thin.

Though tribal tattoos consist of dark and deep lines, to make them look a bit girly, you can make the same design light with thin lines and decorative sparkles. Those tribal tattoo designs with bold patterns can be made more feminine with the help of some adjustments.

Men, on the other hand would most often prefer to have the scorpion design tattooed on their arm or leg which allows them to send a message of strength to other people. Men would always most probably go for a larger design to show off their masculinity.

Scorpion Parts: These sort of tattoos are drawn like a costume or a uniform with the various details of the anatomy of the arachnid tattooed all over the body. It could be the sharp claw drawn on the arm, the exoskeleton of the scorpion on the underbelly or the tail running right up to the back.

Realistic: Realistic Tattoos are represented as line drawings or shading.The tattoo can also have colour too but it must have a shocking effect taking in consideration its entomological aspects.

Sleeve: This is represented by intricate yet beautiful designs on the arm or forearm where the scorpion is represented as interacting with the other elements one would like to have on their sleeves.
The elements could be something related to the individuals or it could just complement the tattoo.It could be the scorpion fighting or standing on these elements.

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